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You may blame me. Sure, go ahead and do so - someone needs to be responsible. I am the benevolent dictator of NDB Media and along with all those associated with NDB Media, I am the lucky one that gets to brag about their hard work.

TRAVEL TALK RADIO debuts today!!! 4 PM PT!   Tonight’s guest is television travel host Jon Haggins. Jon has been, literally, to the four corners of the earth. His television show has featured the jungles of Cambodia, the good life in Greece and the flavors of Latin America.

Sports Talk With The Guys returns to the Digital Airwaves!   8 YEARS ON RADIO! BACK IN 2008, On November 1, Sports Talk With The Guys took to the digital airwaves with the Scorekeeper and the Big Dog and forever, the sports scene was changed. Never before could you find two sports fans more devoted, experienced and experts in their love of sports. From…

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