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You may blame me. Sure, go ahead and do so - someone needs to be responsible. I am the benevolent dictator of NDB Media and along with all those associated with NDB Media, I am the lucky one that gets to brag about their hard work.

Monday Night In America debuts!

Monday Night In America

The Admiral brings his usual Tuesday Night shtick and program name to Monday night! Manic Monday is no more and TUESDAY NIGHT IN AMERICA becomes MONDAY NIGHT IN AMERICA! 7 PM PDT on NDB Media 914-338-0314 SHOW LINK.

Shy Rosalind and self-employment!

The Eclectic Experience with Shy Rosalind Logo

Tonight, Shy Rosalind, from the Eclectic Experience, is helping go over the do’s and don’ts of becoming self-employed. 10 PM EDT 914-338-0314 PROGRAM SHOW LINK.