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The World of Entertainment has a new home! NDB Media is the place to be! Harold Parraneau – Andrea Gabriel – Jasika Nicole – Rekha Sharma – Michael Taylor – Mark Hildreth – Janina Gavankar – Frank Cassini – Vaughn Armstrong – David Stern – Stephen Finlay – Tom Draper – Robert E. Wood – Dr. Shlomo Sher – Michael A. Martin – Aaron Douglas – Erick Avari – Patrick McKenna – Peter David – Menina Fortunato – David Gerrold – Lanaia Lee – Spice Williams-Crosby – Kristine M. Smith – Michael McConnohie – Suzanne Roquette – Phil Morris – W. Morgan Sheppard – Andee Frizzell – Marc Oromaner – Richard Hatch – John Billingsley – Ronnie Cox – David Mack – Peter David – Carmen Argenziano – Barbara Bain – Nick Tate – Denise Crosby – Alan Dean Foster – Diane Carey – Tucker Smallwood – Spice Williams – Evan English – J.T. Tepnapa – Carlos Pedraza – Bobby Rice – Keith DeCandido – John Broughton – NEO F/X – Starship Excelsior – Star Trek: The Romulan Wars – Leviathin and many, many more! Need more? NDB Radio is where everyone wants to be! NDB Radio opening theme by: Robert Summers Potterton, III

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Welcome to NDB Media Sports Channel! WE have it all! On Saturday mornings, we form THE four-hour block of sports on BTR with our partner show: The Couch Potato Sports Show! We start at 6 AM Pacific! Monday at 6 PM: The 5 Tool Show with Tanya Mercado. Monday at 8 PM Pacific: In The Front Row with the Big Dog and the Scorekeeper! Wednesday: The Tri-State Sports Guys 5 PM Pacific. Thursday: The Golden Cravat 6 PM Pacific. Friday: The Sports Opinions Show with Matt Alvarez at 1 PM Pacific.

Daily 15

The Daily 15! Join the Admiral and the Commodore as we liven up your day with our typical, out-of-control antics (stupidity).