The Rock and Roll Shrink


Join Dr. Stephen Mathis, a.k.a. “The Rock and Roll Shrink,” and co-host/facilitator Casey Shapiro, for a bi-weekly discussion of both mental health and “metal health” topics. Dr. Mathis Bio: Dr. Stephen M. Mathis is an Atlanta-based licensed psychologist and internationally certified addictions counselor. He holds numerous degrees, Diplomates, and certifications, in a wide variety of…

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Cooper with Met Uniform

Join Taryn Cooper and the “Cool Kids” hang out, every Wednesday at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT! SHOW DEBUT: MARCH 19, 2014  



Join Marc B. Lee, the MC of MC’s as he brings you the biggest and baddest stars from Television, Radio and big-time Cinema! Sunday night is the place to be: Marc B. Lee stalks the internet digital airwaves and he takes you where no one else has gone before! EVERY SUNDAY EVENING: 7 PM EASTERN…

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The Eclectic Experience with Shy Rosalind

The Eclectic Experience with Shy Rosalind Logo

Shy Rosalind, our resident, real-world pit bull! Join Shy as she takes on City Hall, Home Depot, The World of Medicine and many other topics! Join her on the last Wednesday or each month, here on NDB Media!