About NDB Media

NDB MEDIA logoNDB MEDIA was conceived in May of 2008 and went live in September of 2008. The original idea was that NDB Media would be a organizing tool; a means to communicate with fellow employees in outlaying areas (very far away) that could not make regular meetings for our local union. That idea died out a month or two after we went live . . .

NDB Media has now become a name that is known to people when breaking news and major events take place in the world. We broke the news of Seal Team 6 on internet radio. We were the first to cover the Fukushima nuclear disaster with live coverage from Japan. We covered the Christ Church earthquake and numerous other events.

NDB Media has a variety of programs on its network, from Sports, to Self Help, Entertainment and Pop Culture. If you can think it . . . chances are we cover it! Comics? Sure! Television? You bet! Mental Health? We are on the ball there as well.

We are on every day we enjoy what we do, but we are nothing without our rabid audience.

NDB MEDIA radio channel

Daily 15